Shop Policies

Each piece is handmade by me and due to this, some variations may occur between each piece and the product photograph. This may differ in color, texture, or size. I have tried to photograph as accurately as possible. Any irregularities are reflected in the price and I try my hardest to list them in the description or in photos. I hold my work to high-quality control standards. Any surface flaws that make the cut are meant to be enjoyed and add individuality to your piece.

I do not accept returns. If your piece arrives broken beyond repair I will refund your order 100%. Repairable damages will be evaluated on a case by case basis. These are both rare occurrences but my packing skills will always be at the mercy of the many hands a package goes through to reach its final destination.

If an item is marked as delivered but you have not received the item I can not refund the cost, sorry I'm not Jeff Bezos. However, I will work with you and the postal carrier to submit any missing mail/insurance claims necessary. This hasn't happened yet ☻ but we recently moved to a Bermuda Triangle of miss-delivered packages so this is heavily on my radar.

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